How “Positioning” Can Drastically Change Your Disability Claim

A lot goes into successful disability claim. But there’s something that can have a drastic impact on the outcome of your disability claim, and it isn’t common knowledge. It’s something called “positioning.”

The importance of positioning in disability claims

Put simply, “positioning” has to do with your ability to maintain a given position, such as standing or sitting, for long periods of time. Someone who is unable to stand or walk for longer than an hour may still be able to do sedentary work. Likewise, someone who is unable to sit for long periods of time may do well if the job requires standing.

Because the Social Security Administration take your entire ability profile into account when making a decision, they will want to know how your disability affects your positioning. Most jobs require employees to do one or the other, rather than do whichever is more comfortable, so this has a bearing on your claim’s success.

While someone who can’t stand or walk without assistance may be able to sit, they may still be unable to do sedentary work, even if the job does not require any walking or standing at all. These applicants should be aware of an important, but subtle, distinction when it comes to positioning. What some people may refer to as sitting could be more accurately referred to as reclining, or even lying down.

A person who is able to sit in a recliner, for example, may not be able to sit in an office chair, at a desk, for eight to twelve hours a day. But if this limitation isn’t properly emphasized, Social Security may not understand why the person is unable to do sedentary work. Because so many jobs today are sedentary, not all mobility issues will automatically qualify a person for disability benefits.

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