Oftentimes, when I sit down with a client, in an initial meeting, one of the first questions they have is, “How does workers’ comp decide how much to pay me?”


It’s called the average weekly wage, and I go through with each client number one to make sure that workers’ comp is taking into consideration all the wages that they should be, in order to determine that average weekly wage.


So, it’s important to know it’s the thirteen weeks prior to the accident that the employer will utilize in order to arrive at your average weekly wage. So, if you have another job, a part time job, multiple jobs, those other jobs that you’ve had in that thirteen weeks can be included in your average weekly wage.


Oftentimes carriers, who are handling your workers comp claim, they don’t know you had a part-time job, or they don’t know that you maybe worked a week or two in that thirteen weeks.


So, it’s important that we provide them with that information so that it can boost your average weekly wage. Again, it’s all about making sure that your average weekly wage is correct, and that they’re using the full amount.


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