Have you been injured on the job on a construction site? Or were you driving to and from a

construction site and gotten injured? There’s a lot of questions that you may have.


First is, your employer, or who you thought was your employer, might be telling you that they do not have workers’ compensation coverage.


Have no fear, though. Even if your employer doesn’t have workers’ comp coverage, or you find yourself with someone telling you there is no coverage, pick up the phone, call, email, or text me.


I’ve had many cases in the past where we’re able to go after the contractor above your employer. Or, even all the way up to the general contractor.


It’s a certain provision in the workers’ compensation law, that even if your employer’s telling you you’re a 1099, or an independent contractor, or a subcontractor, and you didn’t have worker’s comp coverage, we are able to . . . what we call, “climb the ladder,” and continue to go up the chain with regards to finding a contractor above that level who might have workers’ comp coverage.


So never give up, and make sure you give us a call, text, or email, so that we can look at your case and find some insurance for you.