There’s no workplace that’s completely immune to the risk of injury. Even jobs that people may not think of as especially hazardous, such as desk jobs, can result in injuries if the worker does not take necessary precautions.

With that said, there are some jobs that present an unusually high level of risk. These jobs are associated with an increased rate of serious, even life-threatening, injuries.

Construction Worker

Sadly, this job lives up to its reputation as one of the most dangerous. In the State of Florida, construction and excavation jobs account for almost one fourth of all fatal injuries. More than half of these fatalities involve one of the following:

  • Falling. Because construction workers often work from dangerous heights, there’s a serious risk of falling, and an increased risk that the fall will be fatal.
  • Being hit by falling objects. Even if the worker is not high up, they may be hit by an object that falls from a scaffold, or another elevated part of the work site.
  • Electrocution. Construction workers may come into contact with power lines, either underground or overhead.
  • Getting trapped or crushed. When machines malfunction, workers may end up getting caught in them. Or, part of the construction site itself may collapse with workers inside.

Truck Driver

This job causes just as many fatal accidents as construction work. The risks of truck driving largely come down to accidents involving the truck driver.

The reasons for these accidents are multiple, however. Some drivers do speed or disregard other traffic laws, perhaps in a rush to deliver shipments. In other cases, the driver may be under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.

But in other cases, even a driver who causes an accident may not be solely at fault. For example, a driver’s employer may neglect routine vehicle inspections or maintenance, or they may require drivers to stay on the road for longer than what’s considered safe.

Farm Worker

Agriculture has an exceptionally high rate of fatal injuries, at 41 deaths for every 100,000 full-time workers. For farm workers, common sources of danger include farming equipment, such as tractors. When these machines malfunction or are operated unsafely, they can kill workers.


Groundskeepers are workers who maintain and cultivate plants, flowers, and other parts of the landscape at a business or public place. It may surprise you to learn that grounds maintenance has the second highest number of fatal incidents in the State of Florida.

Groundskeepers are exposed to many risks directly stemming from this type of work. Exposure to hazardous substances, or other environmental hazards, accounts for many of these fatalities. However, groundskeepers may also fall or be injured during transportation.

Factory Worker

People who work in manufacturing often have strenuous jobs, which expose them to stress injuries such as muscle strains and sprains. More serious hazards, like heat stroke, are not uncommon. Additional hazards include equipment failures, fires, explosions, and exposure to harmful substances.

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