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Living with disability can make it difficult to earn enough to support you or you and your family. Millions of Americans have one or more disabilities which can directly affect what types of work they can do or how long they can work at a time, or if they can work at all.

If you have a permanent disability that renders you unable to work at the capacity you are used to or if you can no longer work at all you could be eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance through the Social Security Administration.

How Do Disability Benefits Work?

Disability benefits are there to help people who are not able to work. The benefits you receive are reflective of your work history similar to social security retirement benefits. Social Security Disability Insurance, also called SSDI, is based on the Social Security taxes you have paid into the system. The more you have paid in, the more you have the potential to receive back in disability benefits.

For those people who do not have work history, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) are benefits available to people with permanent disabilities and who have never been able to work. Permanent disability according to the Social Security administration is when you are not able to work for a year and terminal illness may apply.

Disability Benefit Process

You must apply to the Social Security Administration to receive benefits. The funding for the program is limited and often people who have significant disabilities have applications that get denied and have no idea why. Anna Katherine Stone is a seasoned Social Security Disability attorney who advocates for her clients’ rights. She has represented people across the state and will fight for you in Ocala!

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