Florida Workers’ Compensation Lawsuit

Workers’ compensation was designed to make things easier on both the worker and the employer after a workplace accident. Lawsuits can drag on for months or even years, and the injured party can’t wait that long. The bills are due now.

While many employers cooperate with the injured party in these situations, others make the process needlessly difficult, confusing, and stressful for their employees. An employer may demand an unreasonable level of proof, ignore or suppress evidence, or just delay the process as long as they think they can. When a claim is denied, it’s just the beginning. The appeals process is another nightmare for the employee now out of work.No one wants to shell out money on hospital bills, your boss included. However, denying or obstructing a legitimate workers’ compensation claim is illegal, and it hurts the employee as well as the company. If you’ve been the victim of an employer’s unethical response to a workplace accident, a lawsuit may be an option after all.

Consider a workers’ compensation attorney

Because workers’ compensation usually exempts an employer from personal injury lawsuits, it’s especially important that your case is guided by a qualified legal counselor and teacher. Even if you have a legitimate case, the burden of proof can be high in this type of situation.

Katherine can help your case

Katherine has special expertise in this type of case, and she knows the challenges that injured workers can face in addition to their physical injuries. She has fought for the rights of injured workers at all levels of the appeals process, and will do the same for you.

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