Social Security Denial

Social Security provides benefits for people who have become unable to work because of a disability. To qualify, the disability must be permanent, which means that it will twelve months or will result in the person’s death. Those who qualify will receive a monthly income based on their work history and tax payments.

Unfortunately, many people do qualify, but do not receive benefits. Funding for these programs is limited, which means that applicants who are not truly disabled must be rejected. All too often, legitimate applications end up in the rejection pile as well.

If your application for Social Security benefits has been rejected, you know firsthand how discouraging it is. Many people living with permanent disabilities are unable to work, but are still not able to convince the Social Security Administration that they are entitled to these benefits. Often, these people must appeal the decision several times before they finally receive any benefits.

Just because you’ve been rejected doesn’t mean you made a mistake, or that your disability doesn’t qualify you for benefits. Many people are denied benefits only to receive them later for the same disability, just because they appealed the rejection. Often, the application is rejected because of a technical issue or an oversight.

The path to a successful claim can seem long and arduous. If you haven’t been able to get the benefits you’re entitled to, enlisting the help of a Social Security Disability attorney might make the difference.

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Katherine is an experienced legal counselor who has worked on many disability claims. She has represented many people with disabilities in federal court, and she will do the same for you. Whether you’re appealing a rejection or filing a new claim, she will walk you through every step of the process.

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If you’ve been denied disability benefits, act fast! The deadline for filing an appeal is 60 days.

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