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Workers’ Compensation was designed to protect employees who are injured on the job. Like other insurance, you file a claim to receive medical benefits and lost wages (to a point). The employers cover these costs. These are your rights, seems simple.

Workers’ Compensation Can Be Complicated

However, if it happens to you it may not be that simple. Employers may not be forthcoming or even understand what benefits their employees have legal rights to. Employees can sometimes feel like they are pulling teeth just to get the coverage they rightfully deserve for being injured on the job. Then if a claim is denied, it can be a lengthy appeal process before even having the option of a lawsuit.

Injury Florida Law Firm Will Fight for You

The good news is Injury Florida Law Firm can help you navigate a claim during any part of the process, help strengthen your case and understand the complexities of Workers’ Compensation. Anna Katherine Stone is a seasoned attorney who advocates for workers’ rights and has fought for people across the state of Florida and will fight for you in Ocala!

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