Workplace Accidents

Despite the best efforts of employers all across the nation, accidents can and do occur all across the nation. From slips and falls to fires and explosions, some hazards are easier to catch than others.  Many of these accidents will not result in serious harm, but some of them will. It’s important, then, to know what the law has to say regarding the matter.

Workplace accidents in Florida

The State of Florida, like most other states, requires employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance. This insurance protects the employer from personal injury lawsuits while ensuring that employees receive compensation for medical bills and other expenses related to their injury.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that the employer has no liability at all. Business owners and operators are still responsible for providing a safe workplace for their employees. This means removing hazards, addressing safety concerns as they arise, and complying with all applicable laws. But in general, an accident does not result in a lawsuit, even if the employee is injured.

Some workplace accidents may warrant a personal injury lawsuit. While workers’ compensation does not take fault into account when evaluating a claim, an employer who deliberately causes harm to an employee could be sued for damages, in addition to any criminal charges that may apply. Workers who aren’t considered employees, such as contractors, may also pursue compensation through the courts. And of course, an employer who does not have workers’ compensation insurance could be on the hook for a lawsuit.

In other cases, it’s the employee who is the problem. Instigating violence or deliberately breaking the rules can result in a denial of benefits. In general, though, workers’ compensation is a no-fault system.

When you’ve been in an accident

Your first step after a workplace accident should be to notify your employer and, if injuries were sustained, get medical attention for anyone who needs it.

But after that comes the paperwork, which is where many employees need the most assistance. Whether you’re appealing a workers’ compensation claim or filing a personal injury lawsuit, a lot is at stake. Your case may benefit from legal counsel.

Katherine can help you

Katherine has guided many people through the aftermath of workplace accidents. With her knowledge of personal injury, workers’ compensation, and disability cases, she is qualified to handle the intricacies of the law as they pertain to your situation.

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