SSDI Representative

Social Security Disability Insurance, or SSDI, is a benefit program available to people who are unable to work because of a permanent disability. Like retirement benefits, SSDI benefits are funded by Social Security taxes, which means that the people who receive SSDI have earned it.

Despite this, many people who apply for SSDI are rejected the first time, even if they have a qualifying disability. Sometimes, a person is even rejected multiple times before a claim is approved and benefits are given. In these cases, the person may need legal representation before they can receive benefits.

When you’ve just became permanently disabled, your life is hard enough. It shouldn’t have to be harder.

Getting legal help

Getting legal representation to help you with your disability application doesn’t mean filing a lawsuit. While many SSDI applications are rejected the first time, most of them don’t progress to a lawsuit. Rather, applicants who are rejected will go through a series of appeals until their case reaches the federal courts.

Even if your case is resolved before reaching the federal courts, appeals are a time-consuming process. If you’ve lost your ability to work, you know that time is precious, and you can’t afford to wait any longer. No matter where you are in the process, having an SSDI representative on your side can speed up the process.

Facing a long-term disability is never easy, but a qualified legal representative can help you through the process.

Let Katherine help

Katherine has dedicated years of her life to helping people with disabilities. She has represented many of these people in court. She knows that getting benefits can be an uphill battle for many people who need them, and she’s willing to fight that battle for you. Disability is not the end.

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