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One of the worst times to suffer from medical negligence is when you’re celebrating the birth of your child. Like any medical procedure, delivering a baby requires great care and diligence on the part of doctors and medical staff, but this does not guarantee that mistakes won’t occur. Tragically, these mistakes can result in serious, sometimes life-threatening injuries to the child.

Birth injuries can occur for many reasons, and such injuries are not always the fault of the facility or its practitioners. However, it’s important to verify that all standard delivery room procedures were properly followed at the time the injury occurred. Some examples of medical negligence that can result in a birth injury include:

  • Ignoring delivery room procedures and policies.
  • Not using medical equipment properly, including drugs.
  • Waiting too long to diagnose problems and complications in the pregnancy.
  • Failing to monitor vital signs, such as fetal heartbeat and oxygen level.

If you suspect that your child’s birth injury may have been caused by a negligent doctor or staff member, contact a birth injury lawyer as soon as possible. You may be able to collect compensation for your child.

It’s important to know that birth injuries, like other injuries, must be reported within a certain timeframe. In general, victims of medical negligence have two years to take legal action, although this may be extended to four years if the negligence was not apparent until later. Thanks to a special provision known as “Tony’s Law,” some parents can bring a birth injury lawsuit all the way up until the child’s eighth birthday. However, this law may not protect parents who knew about the injury and delayed legal action.

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