Appealing Denied Workers' Comp Claims

Workers’ compensation insurance is a system that’s supposed to benefit everyone involved. Employers are protected from lawsuits, even in cases of negligence, and employees are allowed to collect compensation without the need of one. Workers’ compensation is supposed to cover medical expenses and lost wages, and quickly, so that the injured employee can go back to their life.

In reality, this isn’t always the case. Many workers have been injured on the job, only to find out that their employer or the insurance carrier is making them fight for the compensation they’re legally entitled to. Whether by delaying claims or denying them without cause, those responsible for helping the injured employee sometimes end up harming them again. In the meantime, the employee suffers needlessly.

When a workers’ compensation claim has been denied, the employee has the right to appeal. Unfortunately, this can be a lengthy process, as the employee may be forced to endure a series of hearings before a final decision is granted. Even then, the claim may be denied, leaving the injured person with no choice but to file a lawsuit. By that point, medical bills and other financial burdens have probably piled up.

When to get legal help

You don’t have to wait until the final decision to seek help. A workers’ compensation attorney can help strengthen your claim and advocate on your behalf at every point of the appeals process. In fact, contacting an attorney early on in the case can increase the chances that your claim will be approved, and you won’t have to file a lawsuit to get your life back on track.

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Katherine is an experienced legal counselor and teacher. She has helped many injured workers get the compensation they’re entitled to, and she can help you, too. If the appeals process is not working out for you, she can file a lawsuit on your behalf.

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