Florida Truck Accident

The State of Florida has a no-fault law when it comes to automobile accidents, which means that insurance carriers are responsible for compensating the injured parties regardless of who caused the accident. While exceptions are often made for severe injuries, personal injury lawsuits are generally not an option after a car wreck.

When an accident involves a commercial vehicle, things can get much more complicated. Given the size and weight of semi-automatic trucks, there is enormous potential for damage when a collision occurs. Sadly, such collisions often result in fatalities.

Because of this, there are more regulations for this kind of vehicle than there are for cars and motorcycles. Factors that can affect your case include:

  • Where the truck was coming from. Truck drivers may cross through any number of states on the way to their destination, but the state where the truck was licensed and registered may determine, at least in part, what insurance coverage applies to the truck and its driver.
  • What the truck was doing. Interstate commerce is covered under federal law, and this can have a significant bearing on your case. Additionally, the kind of cargo that the truck was transporting is relevant, as this can determine the kind of insurance the driver is required to carry.
  • Who caused the accident. While Florida is a no-fault state in regards to car accidents, accidents involving commercial vehicles often involve exceptions, not only because of their severity, but because these vehicles are more tightly regulated.

If you’ve been in an accident involving one of these vehicles, don’t try to navigate the legal complexities yourself. Because of the many regulations involving commercial vehicles, you’ll need the wisdom of an experienced legal counselor to ensure that your case is a strong one.

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