Florida Motorcycle Accidents

It’s a sad fact, but the state of Florida surpasses most other states in motorcycle accidents. These accidents number in the hundreds every year, and are all too often fatal due to the motorcyclist’s lack of protection. If you’ve survived a motorcycle accident, or know someone who has been in one, you are probably wondering how to rectify the situation.

The state of Florida does not require motorcyclists to carry Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance, and unlike automobile accidents, does not have a “no-fault” policy regarding motorcycle accidents. This means that after a motorcycle accident, the injured party can seek compensation from the other party through a lawsuit, rather than depending on their insurance carrier, as car accident survivors must do.With that said, your compensation after a motorcycle accident will depend on the specifics of the accident, the injuries you sustained, and what kind of evidence you have against the negligent party.

Proving it in court

In the state of Florida, an injured party seeking compensation must prove that the other party is liable. To be liable, the person who caused the accident must have been able to prevent it, meaning that the accident was the result of something they should have done but did not.

Finally, the injuries must have resulted from the accident and not an unrelated event. If, and only if, the injured party can prove these things to the court’s satisfaction, a solid personal injury case exists.

Still not sure?

Even a minor accident is a stressful experience. Important details can be forgotten in the heat of the moment. Motorcycle accidents are often more serious than car accidents, and an injured survivor might have more questions than answers at this stage.

The help of a qualified legal counselor and teacher can help clear up the confusion that’s left after a motorcycle accident. Katherine is an experienced personal injury attorney who can help you through every step of your case, from filing claims to fighting in court for your rights.

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