Pain and Suffering Claims

Injuries are expensive. When an accident lands you in the hospital or causes you to miss work, you can probably look at bills and pay statements to figure out how much being injured has cost you and your family. And if you decide to seek compensation, you can use these things to determine the total amount that you believe you’re due.

But sometimes, an accident leaves you with more than broken bones and whiplash. Accidents can also cause depression, trouble sleeping, or even post-traumatic stress disorder. In some cases, these invisible injuries can cause more problems and last longer than the physical injuries.

People suffering from these aftereffects of an accident have the right to seek compensation, just like people whose injuries are entirely physical. This is known as a pain and suffering claim.

When the extent of your injuries goes beyond the physical, though, it’s harder to quantify. Missing work because of a hospital visit is one thing, but what if you miss work because you can’t sleep at night? What if you haven’t missed work at all, but you’ve not been able to enjoy life since the accident? And if the accident wasn’t traumatic, but was just really inconvenient, don’t you deserve something for your time?

Yes, you do. However, the liable party will often try to minimize the cost, and because of the difficulty in calculating something intangible like pain or discomfort, they can easily get away with this if you don’t know how to fight it. In these cases, you should seek help from an experienced legal counselor.

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