I often get asked the question from my clients who’ve been injured on the job, “How much is my case worth?”


Well, we do have a formula that we utilize. Having worked for insurance companies, handling worker’s compensation claims, I know how the insurance companies evaluate claims to be able to determine how much they’re willing to pay an injured worker to settle.


That formula depends on what happened in the case. What were the injuries? How severe are the injuries? Is the person able to return back to work? Is the person unable to return back to the type of work they were doing before? Or are they completely unable to work as a result of the accident?


Also, with the medical, we have derived formulas and experience that I can utilize and sit down with the client and go through each and every process to be able to give you a recommendation with regards to what I think the insurance company might handle and settle.


Oftentimes, when clients come in at the very beginning of the case and want to know, I don’t have that answer because I don’t have all the information. And I’m certainly not going to recommend a settlement to any client until I have all the information that I need.


It’s about communication, it’s about being prepared, and it’s about making sure that you have all the documentation in order to be able to make the recommendation.


But one thing that I always remind my workers’ compensation clients is, pain and suffering unfortunately is not something that the insurance companies are going to take into consideration. So, that is one thing that’s very hard for my clients to understand, especially those who can’t go back to work, or are consistently in pain.


But I walk you through the process so that you understand what it is that the insurance companies are willing to do and how they evaluate the claim, so that you will understand that I didn’t just pick a number out of a hat.


So if you have any questions, or if an adjuster has called you wanting to settle a claim, pick up the phone, text, email, or call me. I’ll be happy to look at your case and give you some recommendations. Thank you.