If you’ve had an accident at work and you think you may be injured, it’s important to act quickly. The majority of employers carry workers’ compensation insurance, which both protects them from personal injury lawsuits and entitles you to compensation. However, there are deadlines for completing a workers’ compensation claim.

Here’s what you need to do as soon as the incident occurs:

  1. Get medical attention. Before you think about the paperwork, you need to make sure that you, and anyone else involved in the accident, is being treated for any injuries that resulted. Keep in mind that some injuries may not be obvious right away, so if the accident was especially serious, make sure that you’re examined carefully before concluding that you’re okay. Health and safety should be your top priorities right now.
  2. Report the incident to your employer. Do this even if you don’t think you were injured, because if you discover injuries later, you’ll be in a better position to prove that they were work-related if you didn’t delay reporting. You should also report to your employer if an injury suddenly worsens or if new injuries appear.
  3. Be evaluated. Your employer will probably choose your doctor for you, but if you aren’t satisfied with the doctor’s evaluation, you may want to get a second opinion, although workers’ compensation may not pay for it.
  4. Discuss accommodations. In some cases, you may still be able to work after being injured, but not able to perform certain specific duties.
  5. Seek legal counsel. If your claim for workers’ compensation or other benefit is denied, and you don’t think the denial is reasonable, you have the right to appeal. The situation can get complicated at this point, and trying to navigate it yourself can result in more denials and wasted time. Save yourself the trouble and get help as soon as you feel you may need it.

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