When most of us think about workplace safety, we probably don’t think about the hazards of using a keyboard, filing paperwork, or sitting in a chair. But desk jobs expose us to a number of health risks that we can take steps to minimize, such as back injuries from poorly constructed desk chairs, or repetitive motion injuries from using a mouse.

If you’re reading this, you’re quite possibly sitting in front of a computer or other device. Get up, stretch, and maybe drink some water, but keep reading to learn about the hidden risks of a desk job.

Most common injuries you can get at a desk job

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome. Probably the most well-known repetitive motion injury, carpal tunnel syndrome tends to develop when there’s too much pressure on your wrist. While the exact cause is still unknown, excessive computer use has been suggested as a contributing factor.
  • Circulation problems A sedentary lifestyle has a number of health risks associated with it, such as increased risk of a heart attack or stroke. Even if you’re hard at work, you may end up with poor circulation if your job involves sitting for long periods of time. Keep yourself in shape by stretching frequently, and taking the stairs whenever possible.
  • Accidents. Even in a room full of cubicles, accidents can still happen. Employees can trip, slip, or fall anywhere, so watch out for exposed cords and uneven surfaces. You can also be hurt by falling objects or from heavy lifting. No matter where you work, the same basic safety guidelines apply.

How to avoid injuries at a desk job

It’s not hard to reduce your risk of getting hurt at a desk job, but it does take some diligence. Ergonomic equipment, like keyboards, can help reduce the strain from repetitive motions. Wrist wraps and splints can help keep aches and pains from becoming long-term problems, although they may make it too easy to overdo it.

To improve circulation, try to stay in shape, drink plenty of water, and limit caffeine, which dehydrates you. Don’t sit or stay in the same position for too long at a time. Some companies have opted for standing desks, but you may prefer to just take short breaks to stretch and walk around.

If your desk job exposes you to injuries, or if you think you may have already been injured, let us handle your case. Katherine is an experienced workers’ compensation attorney, and she can help you navigate your claim. Reach out to us by phone, email, or text message today!