Accidents on construction sites are more common than you might think.  In light of the nature of construction work, a lot of construction accidents can be very severe. Construction sites in nature are very dangerous places to work. There are a lot of safety precautions and safety guidelines on a construction site. However, work accidents on construction sites often happen and sometimes they often result in some of the more severe injuries to construction workers.


Know your rights if you are injured while working on a construction site!! 

We handle a number of construction workplace accident cases and have years of experience in litigating these types of claims by filing a Petition for Benefits with a Judge of Compensation Claims in the correct jurisdiction.

The first question that needs to be addressed is whether your Employer has the proper workers’ compensation insurance in place to cover you for the accident. This is oftentimes a harder question to answer than one may think. The workers’ compensation laws covering accidents on construction sites are different from other rules regarding most other types of accidents.

For accidents occurring on construction sites, all Employers regardless of size or number of employees are required to have workers’ compensation insurance unless an officer and/or owner of the company has filed an exemption with the State of Florida. If we determine that your employer does not have workers’ compensation insurance covering an injured worker hurt on a construction site or while performing construction duties off a job site, then we look upwards to the contractor or subcontractor who hired your Employer. We call this “climbing the ladder” to find proper workers’ compensation insurance coverage to provide for the injured worker.  We can “climb the ladder” all the way up to the general contractor.

So if you get hurt while performing job duties related to construction or on a construction site, and your Employer tells you they do not have workers’ compensation insurance then you need to contact our office so that we can begin our investigation into finding the proper workers’ compensation insurance coverage to provide you with medical care and indemnity payments (i.e. – loss wages).


Construction Site Accidents – Legal Questions

After your construction site accident, it is very important that the investigation into determining the proper insurance company begin immediately to avoid unnecessary delays in getting you all the benefits you deserve under the workers’ compensation law.  Construction site accidents can be complex and time consuming if not handled properly from the beginning.


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