Have you applied for social security disability and gotten denied? Well there’s a couple of things

that you need to know that are very important.


First of all, you only have sixty days to file an appeal if you’ve gotten denied. And, there’s only limited circumstances can you file an appeal after that 60 days. So if you get denied, you need to act quickly.


Also, if you have a pending application, and you get a bunch of forms from Social Security disability, don’t just put those forms aside. You typically only have ten days in order to fill out that paperwork and get it back to Social Security.


Oftentimes I see clients getting denied because they didn’t fill out the paperwork, or they didn’t fill it out completely.


That’s why, if you’ve been denied, or you’re in the application process, it’s always a good idea to have an attorney on your side.


Because we know how the paperwork needs to be filled out, and the importance of getting that paperwork back to Social Security on time.


So if you have any questions with regards to your Social Security Disability claim, please feel free to contact us at Injury Florida Law Firm by text, call or email. Thanks.